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Kind words from our couples

Riverstone Wedding Photography

"Somehow our wedding day already feels like a lifetime ago, yet you’ve captured it in a way that watching it back makes it feel like just yesterday. We’re so grateful for the support Shani and yourself gave to each of us on the day and the memories and laughs with you guys will be there every time we look at the photos.


The photos are absolutely incredible. You’ve captured every moment, moments we didn’t even know were happening right before us and we were able to relive our wedding from someone else’s view. You’ve got a serious gift, an amazing talent and Shani and yourself make one hell of a team!"



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"We cannot believe how lucky and blessed we are to have found you guys to capture our special day.


There is so much love and joy that we can feel communicated through each and every one of the our photos. We just can't stop going through them! And we know that each time we'll go through them we will have those same special feels, even in 10, 20...50 and more years.


Both of you are simply incredible. You guys are so much more than incredible photographers, you guys are amazing with all the behind the scenes work and we will treasure all those moments we shared in the meetings leading up to the big day. We really appreciate all the effort and love you guys poured into us."



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"It's fair to say I have spent wayyyy too long looking at these photos. They are such happy photos, that really tell the story of the day. I'm so so glad we chose you both - not just because we knew the work would be candid and beautiful, but because your personalities made the day so calm and easy. You are so in touch with one another, and the world around you. I think we could all take a leaf out of your book.


We also could not be more happy that we were able to get the video as well. I have watched it countless times - cried and laughed. My nieces absolutely loved it - it was so special to be able to share that with them as we couldn't have them at the wedding. My brothers even call me saying they just keep watching it. So very special, and you are so talented Shani. Certainly found your calling."




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"I don’t think we can say thank you enough for the amazing role you played in the lead up and beyond capturing the day to bringing and sharing the best energy we could ask for.


I was initially worried I’d have FOMO while we were off at photos and our reception kicked off but your games and the time we spent away from the ceremony and as just us two (with our kickass photographers too of course!) are actually some of my most cherished memories from the day! I can’t put in to words my and our thanks to the both of you, you were beyond any expectation."




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