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Shani and I met in highschool… yep, we’re one of those (as one of our good mates like to call us) vomit-in-your-mouth crazy about eachother highschool sweethearts.  And yet, we waited a whole 7 years before tying the knot ourselves.. why?  Everybody’s timing is unique, as is everyone’s relationship… as is everyone’s wedding day (I’ll get back to this subject a little later.. I digress) and to be perfectly honest we wish we’d waited ANOTHER 4 years because if we were to plan our wedding day all over again, it would done completely different.

Ooo… “what would you have changed” I hear you ask!

You can read all about that little bit of advice HERE.

Now let’s get back to how Be Here Be Now came about.

Most of our past couples will remember this business as Christian Marc Photography, which started up not long after our adventures of backpacking through Europe.  While in Germany we popped in to visit my Opa and before we knew it we had spent the whole day and night reminiscing over old slides and the moments that he’d captured over the course of my families’ lives.

Were they all in focus?  With perfect composition? No, but we were hypnotized and felt we were a part of the story he had told through his lens. This is what wedding photography has always been about for me – telling the story of humans being in love and celebrating this with their closest.

Over the past few years Shani has been working on developing a little something special to add to our couples’ wedding experience.  So I’ll get her to hijack this page from here.

First of all.. if you’ve gotten this far down the page BRAVO!  We must be somewhat interesting to read about..

To be honest, when I left highschool, I intended on “making it” in the big wide world of book illustration.. (don’t laugh) but my creativity got lost somewhere along the way, and I’m soooo thrilled to be able to not only finally be back in touch with this part of myself, but to express it in the form of FILMS illustrating the love, adventure and connection between people on their wedding day.    

Working alongside my best friend is an absolute bonus and I’m beyond thrilled to have already been chosen by so many of our couples to create films that represent their joy in whichever way, shape or form it may come in on their wedding days.

Both Christian and I feel it is an absolute honour to be capturing couples’ Weddings and limit these once in a lifetime jobs to just 35 per year as an immense amount of love goes into them before, during and after.

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