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what is your number one piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

It's really easy when your planning your own wedding to be influenced by past weddings you've been to/family/un-questioned tradition/magazines.. and if you never stop to ask "why?" and think about whether you even personally connect with those things as a couple, then you end up with a day that can often end up either not a true reflection of you and your personalities OR (worse) you end up stressed trying to stick to an agenda or a tradition just "because".


I'm not here to say "ditch tradition!" But what I do ask of all of my couples is that they walk away from their first meetup with me, lay all of the plans and traditions they thought they HAD to include on the table, then... clear the table! Now comes the good bit - you can pick up each plan/tradition (metaphorically of course.. unless you were super organised and made fun cards!) and question why you do or don't want it back on the table. Then moving even further towards the exciting stuff, you can open up your minds to the possibility of planning ANYTHING you wish! Knowing me I'll divulge into this more when we catch up over a cuppa so in the meantime click HERE and get a little bit of helpful reading in!


We may or may not have been called "Wedding Spirit Guides" at some point haha - we hope to live up to that name!



YES.. haha, just kidding. If you'd prefer to only book Photography for your wedding this is totally cool too. Shani still works alongside me assisting on the days where she is not filming so you still get to hang with us both!



The main reason we only offer "full day coverage" is to keep a relaxed atmosphere for our couples. We don't want things to feel like they're being "squeezed into" a schedule plus we've found it to be far more simple for our couples to not have to choose between packages.


That being said there are just a few instances where a couples' wedding day exceeds 10hours of coverage - usually only when there is a long (1-2hour) early religious ceremony with 3-4 hours gap inbetween that and the reception, excessive travel between locations (we highly recommend not staying over an hour away from your venue, it's just exhausting for you guys to be travelling that much in between!), and/or instances where there are additional ceremonies (ie: early morning Tea Ceremony) during the day.


We are more than happy to custom quote additional hours for the above scenarios.


Do you support same sex marriage?

Hell yeah! Even before same-sex marriage was legalized in Australia (finally!) I hope that someday this won't even be on my FAQ page but in the meantime we just want to put it out there as a big fat YES!


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How many images will I receive?

You can expect around 600 – 800 images. None of the images are watermarked and they are given to you to print as many as you like for your own personal use in High Resolution quality format.


Do you edit the images?

Every image is processed and edited to suit the feel of your individual wedding day or portrait shoot. We prefer my images to remain as natural and as close to the “raw” state as possible so nothing is “over-edited”. Eg: No Gerard Butler 300 style imagery. Also, expect roughly 20-30% of your wedding photos to be delivered in black and white. Copies of every image in both colour and black and white are not supplied.


When will I receive my photographs or film?

Your online gallery will be up and USB box will be shipped out approx 4-6 weeks after your Wedding date (the approximation is due to Wedding season highs) – unless you happen to be on Honeymoon at that time, in which case we will hold until your return. Films take a little longer, between 6-8 weeks.


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How far in advance should we book you?

We are taking bookings as far in advance as 2 years so as soon as you are ready.. sooner rather than later. Shoot through a contact form and Shani will check if your wedding date is still available. If you are happy to go ahead with your booking immediately we can arrange an agreement document to be sent out for signing as well as details to pay your photography and/or videography deposit which will secure your date. Your total amount is only needed 30 days prior to your actual event date.


We’d LIKE to meet you prior to booking, is this possible?

Of course! We love to meet all our clients before they book – whether it be in person or via Skype. Let us know a suitable time and we’ll make sure we see you as soon as possible


Where are you based?

We are based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and work from our home-based studio in Safety Beach. We love to travel, so no location is too far. In fact we regularly head to Bright or the Yarra Valley for wedding photography, but are happy to travel anywhere in Victoria.


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This is one of the things that I take great care and time into selecting. Music can 100% add to how a film can make you feel and one of my favourite things is to source a piece that will stir the same emotions in you that you felt on your wedding day. For this reason I use licensed, custom chosen music and I will never choose a track that just hit the Top 10 Pop charts.. it would date, and believe me you WILL get sick of it when you hear it on the radio a thousand times as well as your wedding film. If you have any concerns about this I’m always up for a chat but I hope that you will have chosen to hire me because you have put your trust in me.


My Wedding is in regional Victoria, are there additional costs?

If your wedding is further than 2 hours away from the Peninsula, just ask to include a travel quote when you send through your enquiry. *See info on interstate and international weddings below.


Do you travel overseas or interstate for Weddings?

We've done a few international and interstate weddings and we're always more than happy to travel. There are travel costs involved, but often we are more than happy to pay for our accomodation. Better to ask than to be in doubt and miss out on the coverage of your wedding day… ask away via the contact form on our 'get in touch' page.


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